Grits N Greens

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Grits & Greens, Volume 1 – Panelists:
Ashara Ekundayo, Curator/Moderator
Bryant Terry (Afro Vegan)
Edward West (

In November I attended the first Grits ‘N’ Greens event at Oakland’s Miss Ollies.  Grits ‘N’ Greens, produced by HUB Oakland, is a breakfast networking series exploring the intersection of food, art, and technology.   What stood out was the passion and energy of the panel – not a typical cross-section of media types (obsessed with buzzwords and self-promotion), but a thoughtful and down-to-earth collection of conscious individuals – focused on growing success from within their community.

The HUB Oakland goal for 2013 is to establish a thriving location for business incubation and innovation. I hope to be part of it and will follow their progress with interest.

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Not only was Grits ‘N’ Greens a hotbed of inspiration – sharing stories of community activism and entrepreneurship – but it gave me a sneak preview of the amazing food on offer at Miss Ollies.

Located downtown at Washington St.  Miss Ollies serves fresh and locally sourced soul food – the salt cod and baby tomatoes was mouthwatering.   Their hours are somewhat sporadic, and by popular demand they’ve started to open on Saturdays, however they have captured the enthusiasm of their local community and I’m confident that their influence will be felt for months to come.

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