“Food:An Atlas”…Hot Off The Press

Food:An Atlas release party @ Berkeley University

Food:An Atlas publisher discussion @ Berkeley University

Today marked the book release of “Food: An Atlas” at UC Berkeley’s Department of Geography.  Eager readers could pick up the newly printed book (literally off the back of their truck) and enjoy an informal gathering with the publishers.  Darin Jensen, Department Cartographer (CAGE Lab), led the project–and chaired the discussion.

In a 5th floor classroom, overlooking Berkeley’s iconic clock tower, about 30 people gathered to share in the accomplishment and ask questions about the book’s development.

It was no small task.  Concept to completion in under 7 months (less time than it takes to have a baby) and defining new practices for academic collaboration.

It typically takes over two years to publish a book within University circles, yet Guerilla Cartography (the publishers’ project moniker) did it in considerably less. Add to that collaboration between Universities, States and countries…the book’s geographic impact is also impressive.

Richard aligns the printing plates. Photos by Ava Sayaka Rosen. © Food:An Atlas

Richard aligns the printing plates. Photos by Ava Sayaka Rosen. © Food:An Atlas

In essence, Food: An Atlas is exactly what is says– “maps about food”.  This simple premise defined the project’s initial call for entries….beyond which, very little outline for content was given.  Submissions grew from a truly global information gathering effort, resulting in maps that were heartfelt and personal. The result, not just maps, but stories about food.

And the curated tales are abundant–uniquely reflected in style and presentation.

The connection between food and storytelling was not lost on Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez–director of EatMyHeartOut Supper Club.  A potential collaboration between Food:An Atlas may be in the works…so keep an eye out for stories mapped with corresponding food courses.

© Food: An Atlas...Facebook page.

© Food: An Atlas…Facebook page.

Only 500 copies of the book remain.  To order your copy visit their web page: http://guerrillacartography.net  (I expect mine to arrive any day).

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  1. Hi, Thanks for coming to the event. I wish we could have chatted and I wish we would have handed you your atlas while you were there. It will be in the mail this week.

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