HUB Oakland Kickstarter Campaign


HUB Oakland just launched their Kickstarter campaign today and have already raised more than $6,000 in the first few hours.  It’s testament to the growing “movement” among creatives, entrepreneurs and communities towards a collective, human platform for ideas and properity.  HUB Oakland will be a “hive” to nurture this passion.  Their Kickstarter Campaign “What Makes You Come Alive?” speaks to the motivations behind the initiative.

The HUB Oakland project will be a vital resource for Oakland’s prosperity…with links beyond its geographic reach.  The amount of support garnered to date from investors, partners and individuals is impressive.

“But we still have a lot more to raise. $100K is a BIG goal. But if each of you on this list back our campaign at just $10 (or more), we’ll blow past our goal and make crowdfunding history!But we’re not just asking you to donate. We’re offering Founding Memberships at highly discounted rates, and lots of other great rewards for supporters. Not only that, but if you’re feeling extra generous, you can support someone else’s dreams by sponsoring their membership.”

I encourage you to dig deep.  If you truly care about urban revitalization, sustaining new models of business and nurturing human potential–support their Kickstarter campaign.

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