Jam on it!


Strawberry jam is a staple in our house–a quick and easy addition to school sandwhiches…and a yummy snack on toast. Now that strawberries are coming into season, Eden and I spent our Saturday afternoon making jam.


With some careful monitoring Eden used the ‘sharp knife’ to prepare the strawberries. She’s a precise little helper…and had no problems avoiding slicing her fingers off. I’m a firm believer that if you teach kids how to use knives properly (and under supervision) they should be allowed to use them.


With fingers intact, Eden couldn’t wait to thrust her whole hand into the tasting bowl, licking it clean after the syrupy jam was batched into pots.

We now have 9 jars of the good stuff – perfect for P&J sandwiches next week!


Note: I used River Cottage‘s Strawbery Jam recipe. It’s simple and quick.

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