rachelnewell_lifeAchieving balance in LIFE is a work in progress. As a single mum, the responsibilities of parenting, running a household and earning a living are juggled for quality time with my daughter, Eden. This means that free-time and family time are truly cherished.

Part of this blog is dedicated to those precious moments–sometimes mundane, never trivial.

Originally from Norfolk (England), my British roots run deep.  You can take the girl off the island…but she still drinks tea and gets her hands in the dirt. Gardening is part of my culture and my soul. My “green fingers” have built an East Bay cottage garden with fruits, vegetables and flowers in abundance. Eden helps plant seeds and enjoys reaping the rewards of our labors throughout the season.

We regularly explore the sunny hills of California foraging and reconnecting with a country rhythm. Nature hikes are a time to unplug and observe the wild world around us…there is such beauty on our doorstep–and bounty too.

rachelnewell_limoncelloI’m an avid preserver–an afternoon spent making jam and infusions is my idea of heaven–especially if the fruit is hand picked.  Rumtopf, Limoncello and Elderberry Liqueur are some of our homemade tipples. 

Naturally I love the Bay Area with its focus on local produce and food education. You’ll find me a regular at events, sampling the latest and best of what our region has to offer.

I live with my 6yo daughter Eden and our cat – Alley.

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